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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dancing Ladies and How I Planted Philippines Ground Orchids

Do you love orchids?

I do love orchids. Different kinds of orchids. Some of my late mothers´ inheritance are the orchids in my tropical garden. Taking care of her orchids while I am in my home country means being near to her, spiritually. 

My late mothers´  Dancing Ladies
The striking yellow dancing lady orchids below were her flowers. These orchids were once hanging on a palm tree but the palm tree died as well and what was left was the trunk of that tree. The trunk was divided into two and the lower part of the trunk was carrying the bougainvillea flowers while the upper one showed in that photo below.

I am a lucky person. I have a friend at home who is taking care of my plants while I am away. She sent me these 2 photos of dancing ladies a few days ago.

Here is a link to Orchid Care Gift box, a complete set for taking care of an orchid.

Dancing Ladies,  taken at night time when my friend took this photo. 

Dancing Lady orchids are called Oncidium orchids. They are called dancing ladies or dancing doll ladies because the flowers look like the stunning dancing ladies. There are many varieties of dancing ladies, some you can hang on a tree and some just on the ground or in a pot. Orchids are very common in the Philippines and so I can buy them in the open market or ask my friends for some orchids rhizomes they have in their yards. 

My new  Ground orchids.

How I planted my Ground Orchids:

One day one of my aunts came to visit me at my Philippines home. I have not seen her for a few years and so I was delighted to see her. I was more delighted when I saw a plastic bag full of orchid rhizomes. She said those were the rhizomes of her orchids. After her visit, I planted the rhizomes on the ground near my aloe vera plants and ferns. I did not know that they were ground orchids rhizomes until they bloomed. 

Philippines Ground orchids (near Aloe Vera and fern) from the rhizomes my aunt has given.

Anyway, I planted the orchids in the soil. Watered them every day just enough to get wet. Like aloe vera plants, they didn´t (and still don´t) need a lot of water. They were best planted in a well-drained soil and received a lot of sunshine. After 2 weeks, one of the Ground orchids that I have planted blossomed. 

Ground  orchids from the rhizomes my aunt has given.

The last 5 photos were the photos I took last May before going back to Germany. They were the orchids I have planted before I left.

Isn´t it beautiful?

Thank you very much for dropping by. Please feel free to comment or share my blog to your social media sites. Have a blessed day.

Yellow Philippines Ground orchids

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UPDATE: I have found out that the orchids that I have planted which grow in the soil are called in the Philippines, Ground orchids. Another variety of Orchids. These orchids grow in the soil maybe because of bark chips that were still in the soil in my land, the remnants of coconut trees. I have found out too that there are plenty of Ground orchids not only with yellow but also with red and white blossoms. BTW, I have changed the title of this blog but the URL has not changed.

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