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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 Easy To Grow Flowers In My Garden

I think planting in a tropical country like Philippines is more easier than planting in a cold country like Germany. You know why? It is because my flower plants in my balcony here in Germany are more difficult to keep alive than when I planted in my yard in the Philippines. There, I only have to throw seeds to the ground or in a hole in the pots and they grow. I have a green thumb there than here in my adopted country. 

Here are 5 easy to grow flowers in my garden.

1. Moss Rose

Moss Rose or Portulaca is one of the most easiest flower I have grown. I planted every where but mostly as  boundaries to some boring plants where I thought Portulaca could give life and vibrant colors to the view. 

Just a few cuttings planted in the ground like the photo below and watered them. They loved the full sun and mostly opened their flowers at around 10 in the morning that was why they were and still are also called 10 O´clock flower.

Moss Rose or Portulaca

2. Lantana Camara

Lantana Camara is also called Otot-Otot ( Otot means farting in Bisayan language) in my home country Philippines as the smell of this flower stinks. This flower is very ornamental and easy to care for. Just plant a cutting of Lantana Camara without leaves on the ground or pot, water it and voila, it will grow fast. This plant loves full sun, too.

Lantana Camara 

3. Turmeric Plant

My cousin had accidentally found out the name of this plant growing in our garden when she was searching acne cure online. It was a surprise that what I planted from the root rhizome was one of the healthy spices that I was using in my kitchen here in Germany. Some of these plants were growing near our fence and we did not planted them. Maybe some birds brought the seeds in the garden and they just grew by their own. 

Turmeric Plant I planted from rhizome
4. Cosmos

My brother gave me the seeds of Cosmos a few years ago after I told him about wanting to have the seeds from the ornamental highway plants. I have seen these beautiful flowers along the sides of our town highway. We did not know the name of the plant yet when I planted the seeds and so I was searching online after taking a photo of the flower. 

This is the most easiest flower I have planted. When the Cosmos flowers got brown and wilted, I harvested the seeds and just threw the seeds to the places I wanted them to grow. The seeds that felt on the ground propagated themselves. 

Yellow Cosmos, Red Bougainvillea and Dona Sirikit 

5. Zinnia Elegans

Zinnia Elegans is one of my favorites. I brought the seeds from Germany and I did not believe that Zinnias could grow in the Philippines as I have not seen one yet before that. I was glad Zinnias grew well and I had to do trial and error. I found out then that when Zinnias were planted, they should stay in the same place as transplanting them was killing them. They love full sun as well and butterflies are loving them, too.

                            Zinnias Elegans

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Cosmos in the  vase.

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  1. Hi Thelma,

    Hope all is well. I love the page about your garden! My place is in Quezon City but currently based in Singapore. The trees and flowers here are very charming and when you look around Manila, you barely see a flowering plant and it makes me sad. I have always wonder and haven't really tried purchasing flowering plants seeds to plant and give to friends or home owners so the whole place will be beautiful.

    Someday when I retire, I hope I can also have a garden like yours.


    1. Hi Catherine,

      Sorry for the late response. Thanks for your nice comment. I hope one day when you will retire from working abroad(I supposed you are working there in Singapore), you will be able to own a garden of your own. I am sure you will love it.Thank you and take care.


  2. Hello! I'm a student from a science high school in cebu and we are having a study about utot utot plant and we are having a problem of trying to collect this plant in our place. Please reply to us the adress of the place. Thank you

    1. Hi there! I did not buy the Lantana Camara or as what you called it Utot-Utot. I just collected cuttings from the yard of my friend. I hope you can find that plant near you. Sorry for the late reply.

  3. can I ask where did you find the plant utot utot or do you know a shop where I can buy it here in cebu? I'm a student from a science high school in cebu and we are having a study about utot utot plant and we are having a problem of trying to collect this plant in our place. Please reply to us the adress of the place. Thank youw.

    1. Hi Kylene! Sorry for the late reply. There are plenty of Lantana Camara or Utot-Utot in our town in Agusan del Norte. I have no idea if you have that there in Cebu. Thanks for your visit.