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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell In My Garden

Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell is a common flowering plant in the Philippines. The local people called this flower Yellow Bell as it looks like a bell before it fully opens the blossom.

Golden Trumpet has many names. Besides being called Yellow Bell in my home country, it is called Butter Cup, Golden Cup and  Yellow Trumpet Vine. Its scientific name is Allamanda, after the name of Frederic Louis Allamand, a Swiss physician and botanist. (Source: Wikipedia)

 Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell is a tropical vine plant which climbs up to 8 meters or more if it is not trimmed. The flowers are fragrant. They are shaped into trumpets while the long leaves are glossy and green. It is a perennial plant.

 Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell in our garden climbing the pomelo tree.

A few years ago, I was only admiring Yellow Bell flowers every time I passed by in those houses in our town, with those flowers climbing on their fences, vibrant looking. I knew that I had to plant one of those flowers. I envied those people who had those stunning beauty in their yards. One day, a friend of mine gave me cuttings of her Yellow Bell. I was happy. At last, I owned some cuttings to plant in my tropical garden.

 Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell climbing our pomelo tree. 

It was easy planting the Golden Trumpet. The lower end of the cutting was cut into a slant. Then after digging a hole in my front yard, I dug the cutting in it. Watered it every day when it was not raining. I have planted many cuttings in my front yard but only those I have planted directly to the sunlight were growing.

 Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell climbing the fence of our neighbours' house.

What I learned about planting  Allamanda / Golden Trumpet / Yellow Bell:

  • This flower loves the sun.
  • It needs a lot of water.
  • It needs a very good and rich soil and should have a hole in the pot to avoid being soggy.
  • It grows only in a humid temperature.
  • It can be trained by putting a trellis or plant this near a fence.
  • Cutting back an old stem would encourage the flower to grow more and give more beautiful golden buds.

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