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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Visitors In My Garden

Having a garden in my home country Philippines is one of the best things I have done for myself and for my environment. Although I am not there always, as I am a traveler, I see to it that my garden is well taken care of. It is well taken care of by my kind and loving cousin when I´m not there and I am glad that I have somebody whom I can trust to. I call this garden as my sanctuary and a heritage from my late loving mother. God bless her where ever she is now. The flowers that are planted there are all dedicated to her and we bring these beautiful flowers every time we visit her grave.

A huge butterfly hanging on a plant.

Since I started planting flowers in my front yard in 2011, natural visitors come walking and flying in. Well, not only flying but also crawling. Butterflies, humming birds and dragonflies of different sizes and colors are enjoying their "flight" since that year I discovered my green thumb.

A butterfly sipping the nectar of Zinnia flower.

Whenever I am in my house, I drink my first creamy black tea at the garden table while thinking what other things I can do to my garden. I enjoy listening to the sounds of the birds humming on the branches of my star fruit, guava and pomelo trees. Butterflies and dragonflies on the other hand are flying from flowers to flowers. The butterflies love the nectar of Zinnias, Cosmos, Sapphire Showers and Lantana Camara flowers. Some butterflies are flying with their small babies. Every time I notice these, I silently walk to them like a paparazzo with a digital or a video camera  in my hand. I know that some neighbors who noticed me in that behavior thought I am crazy. I don´t mind.

A beautiful bird resting in a branch of bougainvilla.

Another beautiful butterfly sipping the nectar of Zinnia.

A dark brown butterfly hanging on a Sapphire Showers plant.

A snake crawling in the Guava tree
I don´t know the names of the butterflies, the bird and the snake above. I hope you can help me with this. The butterflies and birds are getting plenty in my garden but I hope a snake will never come again.

                                                      Butterfly in my tropical garden.

Thanks for reading my garden blog and I will be happy to see your comment below. Have a beautiful Sunday and a new productive week ahead. Take care;-)

Here´s a link to my garden:

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  1. Hi Mrs Alberts,
    I haven't seen such a big butterfly. I'm just strolling your beautiful garden...

    1. That was the first time too that I have seen a huge butterfly in my garden. Thanks for visiting my garden Partho Sen. Enjoy your day!

  2. So beautiful! Wow! It's astonishing to relax in your garden mam.

    1. Thank you Shane. You can stroll in my garden with me next time I´m there. We will then relax with glasses of coconut drinks in our hands. Take care.

  3. Oh my goodness, that butterfly is huge! It must be awesome to sit in your garden and watch nature fly in to sip on the nectar you provide.

    1. Yes, it was really a huge butterfly. Bigger than my own hand. It is awesome to sit in my garden and observe the nature flying around me. Thanks for your visit and comment Ruth. I appreciate that. Enjoy your day!