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Sunday, 15 November 2015

3 Mussaenda Bush Plants In My Garden

I have not visited my garden for a year as I am still here in Germany but I receive any new updates and photos of my garden from my cousin who take good care of it while I am away. I miss the beauty of my garden as well as the birds and butterflies that come to visit there everyday. I hope it will no longer takes too long for me until I can talk to my plants and hug my dog Angus again. Off course I miss talking to my relatives, too. As I am still here, what I can do is to talk about my plants.

The 3 Mussaenda Bush Plants In My Garden:

                                                     1. Doña Aurora Mussaenda

This is the young planted Mussaenda bush plant which is commonly known as Doña Aurora in my home country Philippines. It is named after the wife of the 1st President of the Philippines. I bought this from the neighbor who was selling plants. It was planted in the small pot but I transferred it when it went  bigger for the pot. I dug a deep hole in my garden which covered the whole roots and soil of the Mussaenda. I bought this beautiful  white bracts flower in 2011.
4 years later,  Doña Aurora Mussaenda grows in height. It is 2 meters high now and my "garden care taker" keeps on trimming the branches  to  let it looks good. As you can see, it really looks good. Mussaenda loves the tropical weather. This plant love the full sunshine for at least 6 hours a day. No wonder, it´s growing so well. With the TLC of my cousin and my small nieces who are helping with the care of my garden.

                                                         2. Doña Sirikit Mussaenda

This is the young Mussaenda Doña Sirikit plant I have planted with the cuttings I had asked from the neighbor of my sister. It was so easy to plant. I just cut the cuttings a bit slant in the lower part of the branch and dug it in the hole in my tropical garden and watered it. I made a small fence around it so the playing dogs would not destroyed it. I was lucky it grow well. That is the first photo of Doña Sirikit with beautiful slightly pink bract flowers.
This photo above was taken last year. It has survived more than 2 strong typhoons that I thought it could die. Gladfully, before it broke the whole Mussaenda down, it was strongly tied up with the ropes. Well, some of the branches were broken, but the plant survived.


                                                   3. Doña Cory Mussaenda

I have seen a lot of this plant on the way to Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur.  I did not know those plants but since then, I kept on looking for a seedling or cutting of this unknown plant. Then I saw this in a flower shop in the city. I bought Doña Corry Mussaenda  before I went back home to Germany last year. This is the only photo that I have but I will add a new one soon. As far as I know, this flower is called after the name of the former President Cory Aquino. Maybe because the color is yellowish to dark yellow.

Here is the link of my beautiful garden if you want to see it. Thanks for your visit and feel free to comment or share this post in your social media sites.

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  1. Oh so lovely. I love this plant but everytime I have tried to grow it in my garden I have failed. This is actually a trpical plant and in our city it is mostly dry and hot. Its very difficult to grow. I am still trying.

    1. Hi Reena! Actually, Mussaenda is one of the easy to grow plants for me. You see, I planted a new one from the branch of this shrub. I just cut the bottom slantly and planted this in a pot with soil and watered this once a day and it grows well. My cousin planted a small cutting as well but it died. Maybe, I have really green fingers as what others told me. Thanks for dropping by.