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Friday, 5 June 2015

Typhoon Hit My Tropical Garden

Every year, my garden had to suffer from the monsoon rain, typhoon and flood in my home country. Every year, some flowers and other plants were destroyed. Either cut off by the strong wind or uprooted from the ground. Well, it made me sad but what could I do? Nothing besides accepting the fact that nature is sometimes cruel. Then, I tried to save what I could or else I have planted new ones.

One of the plants that the typhoon uprooted in my garden was the papaya plant that had 21 pieces of fruits. Yes, I counted them. Mostly were still green and unripe. 

This was one of the ripe papayas  that we were able to eat right after we gathered the papayas from the garden. It was so delicious as it ripen from the plant itself.

This was how it looked inside when it was cut through lenghtwise. It had a lot of seeds and some of these seeds were planted in my garden. I hope the new papaya plants will be having new fruits when I´ll be back in my garden again.

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Here are some links for what I did with the papaya fruits from my garden.

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  2. That is good ilagan shy. Papaya is indeed delicious and healthy. You can also use papaya for your beauty treatment like using it for body and facial scrub. I have the link above on how to do it, Thanks for your nice comment.