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Sunday, 13 September 2015

4 Fruits In My Tropical Garden

There are plenty of tropical fruit trees in my garden. Well at least 4. There are papaya, guava,  star fruits and makopa or tambis. Oh! There´s a mango tree of our neighbour with branches coming over my fence. Some of the mangoes fell down on my ground. Is it not great? So, I can savour the ripe mango too if I am there.

These fruits are very healthy and plenty of vitamins and minerals besides fibers. Though they are delicous, not all of these fruits are eaten by my relatives. Not so inviting like the sweet candies from the shops or the hamburger and chicken joy from McDonalds or Jolibee.

When I´m there in my Philippines home for a few months, these fruits are mostly my breakfast. I eat these fruits in the garden while watching the birds and butterflies flying from one plant to the other.

Makopa / Tambis / Wax Apple from my garden

Makopa fruit is also known as Tambis or Wax Apple. I have written about this fruit and so I just have to let you check this link. I don´t like to have a duplicate of my Makopa written articles.

Star Fruits from my garden
Star fruits are also healthy and delicious. One can make these fruits into smoothies, milkshakes, fruit salad, vegetable salad  with fruits and of course into carambola / star fruit cake. You can find some informations about how healthy carambola is and what benefits you can get from eating this fruit in my Hubpages article.

Sliced Star Fruits

Papaya from my garden

This is the most loved fruit that I have in my garden. It is not only sweet, juicy and delicious, one can use the seeds to add them into a milkshake or a smoothie. Besides that, ripe papaya fruit is also good for your beauty treatment like papaya scrub or papaya facial mask

Guavas from my garden
Guava is one of the super fruits in the world. It has lots of vitamins and minerals and consists more vitamins C than the orange. I would not buy orange for my vitamin C consumption when I´m in my home country as I am mostly the one who eat the guavas. Sometimes I feel pity of the guavas lying down on the ground, ignored. They just feel down. Nobody climb the guava tree anymore just like I was used to as a child.  Next time I will be making something out of this fruit that not of my small nieces will know that it´s from the guava tree in my backyard.

I will be writing more about this fruit and so I have to stop here. More information about my favorite fruit will come soon in my blog. 

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  1. Seeing these tropical fruits took me back during my childhood days on Goa, India. I've eaten all these fruits and I especially like papayas. I used to grow papayas in our garden. Oh and I love mangoes too :)

  2. Hi Anthony! Thank you for your visit. It sounds that you have enjoyed your childhood in Goa. These fruits are really good and they are not expensive in Asia compared to the shops here in Germany. Enjoyyour new week!

  3. You have a wonderful garden!!! Wax apple look amazing.!!!