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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Healthy Water Spinach In My Garden

Kang Kong / Water Spinach

Water spinach is called Kang Kong in my home country. It is a green leafy vegetable with long leaves and hollow stems. It is said to be a “poor mans” vegetable. It taste a bit like a normal spinach and the leaves and stems are soft. It´s a perennial plant which grows  in the water or at least in a moisty soil. It is an affordable vegetable that all Filipino people could buy this in the market. That is, if they know how healthy Kang Kong is.

I am so lucky that my front yard is moisty if not flooded as  water spinach is growing well in this part of the garden. I never bother to put more soil in this part of the garden because I am the one who keeps on eating this vegetable when I am at home. At least I know that this vegetable is clean. I don´t like buying water spinach in the market because I don´t know where it comes from as it is known that one of the funeral homes in the city has plenty of Kang Kong in its yard.

Sometimes, our neighbours or friends asked for some Kang Kong and I was glad that they did. I mostly gave them more than they could eat. Sometimes, I let them harvest for what they needed.

Kang Kong in my garden

Kang Kong or water spinach has a lot of nutritions. It contains Vitamins A, B, C, K and minerals like iron and magnesium. Eating Kang Kong is one of the treatments when  having iron deficiency. Through my research, I have found out that it is not only good in reducing cholesterol, but also a good prevention for cancer as it has more than 10 different anti-oxidant compounds found in this “poor mans” vegetable.

Ways to devour Kang Kong or water spinach:

  1. Stir frying
  2. Kang Kong salad
  3. Adobong Kang Kong
  4.  Sinigang (sour soup) with Kang Kong
  5.  Meat balls with Kang Kong
  6. Kang Kong curry


Clean the water spinach very well especially the inside of the hollow stems just in case there are parasites. Use only the green leaves and the upper tender stems for cooking.

These are only some of how you can make this healthy veggie for your meals. It might be a “poor mans” veggie, but it´s a “poor mans” healthy food.

Adobong Kang Kong / Water Spinach

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